My group's final project was called Cat Tales, which is an interactive children's game built in Adobe Animate and created to help develop the value of empathy for children playing it. It allows the player to play as one of a few randomly selected cats and in a first person point of view of the cat, the player needs to progress through the game looking for clues to where their family is and what happened to them, since they just suddenly awoke inside of a cardboard box at the start of the game.

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Cat Tales Video Walkthrough


Cat Tales Game Detailed Game Proposal

You’re in an escape room as a cat with amnesia. First person, immersive game designed for kids ages 7+, Cat Tales takes players, playing as Boba the cat, on an exploratory journey around town in hopes of finding home. Where did Boba come from? How did she get lost? How will she avoid detection by pest control? Boba doesn’t know the answers to these questions either, but hopefully, sniffing around will uncover the missing pieces of her memory that will direct her home. Should be a piece of cake, she’s got 9 lives after all.

Core values for exploration in Cat Tales are empathy and power, what is it like to be a small, weak animal in a big human world, and what happens to animals that end up in a shelter? Will Toffee be smart enough, curious enough, to discover her past to shape her future, or will she be too curious and put herself in danger?

Cat Tales -  Rated E for everyone.