From Multimedia Designer into Digital Arts Faculty & E-learning Champion at BCIT.



When I completed my BA in Interactive Multimedia Technologies a number of years back, I had thought I would become an interactive multimedia designer as I really found a strong interest and passion in digital design. I spent a couple years working design based contracts and other part-time work as well as trying to launch a multimedia design business before getting recommended to be a teaching assistant at UBC Continuing Studies program.

My role as a teaching assistant required me to help students with technical or software help in the part-time and full-time multimedia programs.  That valuable experience allowed me to sit in and watch many different instructors teach their courses while also providing me experience in the soft skills of working with students closely in an educational setting. 

After a year, I gained more confidence in the educational setting and decided to take summer intensive version of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PID) at VCC (Vancouver Community College) alongside other instructors looking to get more skills and knowledge for teaching formally into post-secondary and private educational institutions. 

Very serendipitously, I was hired on as an instructor at UBC Continuing Studies right after I finished the PID program and began teaching in a number of different courses, mostly around web design and development, which were in my area of specialty after completing my Bachelor of Arts. 

I had spent most of my early teaching career at UBC, but in the last 10 years, I have been at BCIT teaching into their New Media and Digital Arts Program, where I've been able to refine my teaching craft while also pursuing new educational growth opportunities. Five months after starting the UBC MET program, I was promoted to being a full-time faculty instructor at BCIT, a career goal that was a long time coming. Being in the MET program has now opened even more doors for me to research and leadership roles at BCIT. 

I feel there will be more in store for me in the future as an educator if I do continue to pursue an Ed. D in educational technology and leadership. It has been an incredible journey so far and I'm grateful to all those mentors, program heads, associate deans, deans, colleagues and of course the students that I've met and have had the honour to teach along the way. 




The process of building out this learning portfolio represents a summation of all the synthesized learning concepts, analysis, reflections and educational strategies that I’ve learnt through this MET journey. In applying the metaphorical design approach to the development process,  I have pulled together the design elements & principles and the practice of prototyping into a polished and completed site design.


This site was created in Wix using a partial theme but also a very customizable layout builder.  As a web designer, my general approach would be to build out the skeleton & navigation structure of the site, then work on the visual look and feel of the site (fonts, colours, theming) before starting to add content (text/imagery) towards the end. This is my first teaching-based site and it builds upon my personal website experience with emphasis on effective UI/UX, visual design and user experience approaches to web design.  



Post-Secondary Institutions in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, BC)



I joined BCIT in 2009 to help put together the program that would become the Technical Web Developer Program. I taught a number of web development and design courses for that program and was there until 2012. In 2013, I joined the New Media program and in 2015 added the Digital Design and Development program courses to my teaching schedule. In 2019, I became full-time faculty and also started teaching into the Full Stack Web Developer program. With the online transition to teaching this year, I applied to be an e-learning champion to provide advice and approaches to other teaching faculty.



My teaching career started at UBC Continuing Studies Technology and Media programs. From 2002 until 2016, I taught in a number of full-time multimedia programs in various formats and lengths and in the latter half, part-time evening courses. The teaching environment, supportive staff and great program leaders provided me with incredible opportunities to expand on the types of courses I could teach, while developing my teaching experience in my early years.



I had been referred to teach a combined Photoshop and HTML/CSS course within a Digital and Mobile Marketing certificate program at SFU Continuing Studies in the Fall of 2016. Later I was tasked with re-developing the course curriculum to better align with the market requirements. It was a great opportunity to teach within a different continuing studies program that was recognized for its quality programs in BC.



I joined Langara College in 2003 less than a year after I completed the core courses in the Provincial Instructor Diploma program at VCC.  Langara College provided me with many opportunities to sharpen my class delivery skills and expand on the combinations of courses I could teach in different formats and lengths. I also developed a hands-on summer boot camp in the Internet Publishing programs (3 weeks in length). During my time there as a part-time instructor, I instructed courses such as HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  I stayed on until 2007, but left when I found further work opportunities in the corporate industry.

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