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Aimee Chung

Faculty of Digital Arts, School of Business + Media, BCIT

I am currently a faculty instructor in Digital Arts teaching into the New Media, Digital Design and Development and Full Stack Web Developer programs at BCIT, in Vancouver, BC.

I have been immersed in the field of design & media, teaching and academics for the last 2 decades. I have a BA in Interactive Multimedia Technologies and am currently working to complete my Master's of Educational Technology at UBC. 

I am now expanding my teaching and research into the area of e-Learning engagement best practices. I will be completing the MET program in Spring 2021. 



// Analysis. Synthesis. Reflection. Application.

My main goals in building and sharing this e-portfolio is to continue to build upon my educational technology expertise and applied teaching with more enhanced e-learning strategies and approaches at my institution.

I am interested in demonstrating more leadership skills within my school, joining more technology-driven committees and being more active in school-led initiatives to improve on e-learning implementation strategies.

In the future, I may look into applying to an Ed D specifically to continue my academic advancement into learning technologies & leadership.



I am creating this portfolio as a reflective process to showcase the learning artifacts of my multidisciplinary learning experiences in the MET program. In turn, those linked artifacts are tied to a variety of pedagogical approaches and applied use of relevant tools that have been synthesized and critically reviewed during this online learning journey.

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I am creating an e-learning oriented repository of my digital learning artifacts to share with my supervisors, colleagues, students and other educational entities looking to further understand my experience and expertise in the area of educational learning technologies and practices.  I would welcome the opportunities to consult further in my area of practice and possibly aspire towards an education doctorate in the future.


I am creating the ePortfolio to share and demonstrate critical reflection about how my digital artifacts have played a role in my synthesis and analysis of various learning pedagogies. As well, the other goal is to show my developing technical and creative proficiency in creating various learning applications, while demonstrating my ability to adapt and incorporate new forms of learning technologies and pedagogical frameworks for online instruction.

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Portfolio artifacts are broken down into 3 sections in this site. This site has been specifically themed around the metaphor displaying the digital design process. I've been involved in teaching web design, graphic design and web coding for many years. I enjoy all types of design immensely, from mixed media to digital design creation and image editing.

Learn more about my own design background and this site's design metaphor from the design guide.


Theory & Concepts

The artifact assignments found in this section showcase what was learnt main in the core MET courses. These are more theory and conceptual learning courses that explore different pedagogical approaches.


Implementation of Concepts

The artifact assignments found in this section showcase how learning theories were combined and practiced in use and exploration of various educational technologies.


Application of Design

This completed e-portfolio is a representation of the combined result of the theories & concepts learnt and fully implemented in a way that shows synthesis of my learning towards my field of technical e-learning in design and development.

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Professional Academic Goals


// GOAL #1

To become a strong advocate of e-learning technologies and applied learning theories in my role as e-learning champion and to guide best practices of effective applications and methodologies within my school.


 // GOAL #2

To immerse myself in further e-learning technologies and applied online applications in learning environments.


// GOAL #3

To further develop critical assessment of appropriate online learning tools and integrate emerging technologies effectively into my classes. To provide useful e-learning solutions based upon effective learning theories that would help students learn better on our school’s LMS platform, D2L (Desire to Learn).


// GOAL #4

To explore and further integrate effective social constructivist learning approaches in class.  To promote more learner centered collaboration, enhanced student learning participation and engagement.